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PagePlus Samsung Galaxy S III S3 - Page Plus 4G SIM Kit - Refurbished- PIN

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    Want a premium device for Pageplus? Or are you just looking to Upgrade or replace an existing Pageplus phone? Here's your chance with this Samsung Galaxy S3 for Pageplus! The device will arrive fully configured for Pageplus with Talk, Text, Picture Messaging (MMS) and 4G LTE (super fast) DATA!


    • Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 (Refurbished- You choose the cosmetic condition)
    • Standard Wall Charger
    • 1 Page Easy Activation Instructions. Most customers have their devices FULLY ACTIVATED in 15 minutes or less. 
    • Free Activation to Pageplus (Pageplus 4G LTE activation kit and 4G SIM card included)
    • (New Phone Number) or Port-in (Move your phone number from another carrier or use an existing Pageplus Number). NEW Pageplus Cellular customers will need to purchase a monthly Pageplus plan to complete their activation. EXISTING PagePlus customers can transfer their phone number and any remaining account balance to this device.
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty / 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! (see below for details) 
    • If you choose the 32GB memory upgrade, a 16GB microSD memory card will be installed in your device. Giving you 16GB onboard storage and 16GB of removable storage. 

    (Click the BLUE TABS below to read more)

    • Acceptable 7/10 condition: The screen of the device will be in FAIR condition light to moderate wear on the screen. The back, body, and edges show some signs of wear, scratches, and dings. Otherwise, the device is in FAIR condition and 100% fully functional for Pageplus.


    • GOOD: 8/10 condition. The screen is in GOOD condition (light wear not visible when the screen is on). The back, body, and edges show some signs of light cosmetic wear and a few scratches/dings. Otherwise, the device is in GOOD condition and 100% fully functional for Pageplus. 


    • VERY GOOD: 9/10 condition. The screen is in VERY GOOD condition (little if any visible wear). The back, body, and edges show some signs of light cosmetic wear and a few very light scratches/dings. Otherwise, the device is in GOOD condition and 100% fully functional for Pageplus. 

    This device is UNLOCKED. It CAN be used internationally. Please check with your desired carrier to confirm functionality and compatibility.

    (Click the BLUE TABS below to read more)


    Pageplus Plans for 2017 new Unlimited Data Pageplus Plan

    Straight Talk Verizon Coverage Map

    To view more detailed coverage CLICK HERE or click on the map

    IMPORTANT: You will be redirected to the Verizon coverage map. Then select "PREPAID" coverage. Straight talk uses the Verizon prepaid Network.





    White or Blue


    Galaxy S3 (SIII)




    Pageplus Cellular - Verizon Towers


    Voice-Activated Dialing, Wi-Fi Capable, TTY Compatible, Touchscreen, Speakerphone, Music Player, Internet Browser, GPS, Global Ready, Near Field Communication, Bluetooth Enabled, 4G Data Capable, 3G Data Capable, e-mail, Text, Picture messaging, fingerprint reader


    Prepaid / No-Contract

    Camera Resolution:

    8.0 MP

    2.0 MP front-facing

    Operating System:


    Screen Size:

    4.7" Inch

    Storage Capacity:

    16-32GB (Expandable with Sd Card)

    Lock Status:

    Factory Unlocked


    What does iConvertwireless’ Accidental Damage Coverage protect me from?

    The Accidental Damage Coverage covers product failures due to normal wear and tear and/or accidental damage such as drops, liquid spills & cracked LCD screens.

    How long does the coverage last?

    The Accidental Damage Coverage covers the device you purchase for (1) year.  Coverage begins on the date of purchase.

    Is there a deductible with iConvertwireless’ Accidental Damage Coverage?

    Yes, a deductible of $50 and returning your damaged phone is required for each claim.

    When am I not covered by iConvertwireless’ Accidental Damage Coverage?

    The Accidental Damage program does not cover loss, theft, misplacement of the device, gross misuse, or products with pre-existing conditions.

    Who provides my fulfillment?

    iConvertwireless will handle fulfillment. You can purchase coverage immediately after you purchase your device. Eligible devices will automatically receive the option to add coverage after you enter your payment information and buy the device.

    Can I cancel iConvertwireless’ Accidental Damage Coverage and receive a refund?

    Yes, Up to 14 days from when you purchased your product: You will receive a full refund from us.

    How do I make a claim?

    Email us at support@iconvertwireless.com

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