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MicroSD Card 16GB-32GB-64GB for Samsung Galaxy Phones

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    MicroSD card 16GB-32-64GBGB for Samsung Galaxy Phones

    Don't run out of space on your Samsung Galaxy Phone! Save all your pictures, games, apps, videos on this Micro SD card.

    • Works with the Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S7, S8, S8+ Plus, Note 2, Note 4
    • Save all your files, games, videos, movies, pictures, apps.
    • Easily expand your phone's storage!

    Package includes (1) MicroSD card. 

    What does iConvertwireless’ Accidental Damage Coverage protect me from?

    The Accidental Damage Coverage covers product failures due to normal wear and tear and/or accidental damage such as drops, liquid spills & cracked LCD screens.

    How long does the coverage last?

    The Accidental Damage Coverage covers the device you purchase for (1) year.  Coverage begins on the date of purchase.

    Is there a deductible with iConvertwireless’ Accidental Damage Coverage?

    Yes, a deductible of $50 and returning your damaged phone is required for each claim.

    When am I not covered by iConvertwireless’ Accidental Damage Coverage?

    The Accidental Damage program does not cover loss, theft, misplacement of the device, gross misuse, or products with pre-existing conditions.

    Who provides my fulfillment?

    iConvertwireless will handle fulfillment. You can purchase coverage immediately after you purchase your device. Eligible devices will automatically receive the option to add coverage after you enter your payment information and buy the device.

    Can I cancel iConvertwireless’ Accidental Damage Coverage and receive a refund?

    Yes, Up to 14 days from when you purchased your product: You will receive a full refund from us.


    How do I make a claim?

    Email us at support@iconvertwireless.com

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