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Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for StraightTalk Wireless Verizon 4g LTE Towers

Posted by Matthew Barnes on

Looking for a great smart phone that is fully compatible with Straight Talk wireless? Look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (IV). With a massive 5.7 inch vibrant 4k super HD (QHD) screen this device and a blazing fast snapdragon quad-core processor this device has brains and brawn.

Here's 4 things we love about the Note 4 for

Straight Talk Wireless:

  1. The SCREEN will blow you away. At 5.7 inch the size of the screen matches the iPhone 6 plus and the realism of the images are magical.
  2. The STYLUS (seen below). The stylus is actually built in to the device and on the Note 4 you can use the stylus to control the device without touching the screen (nerdy but cool).
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for Straight Talk Wireless with Stylus built-in
    3. The DURABILITY. With metal body frame and plastic back as well as Corning gorilla glass. This device is built to last.
4. The AFFORDABILITY. At only $45/month on Straight Talk Wireless it's an incredibly affordable device! Plus you get it on the Verizon 4G LTE Network so amazing coverage is included as well! 
You can view this device right here in our store: Also see our 46 second video review below. Please let us know if you have further questions. We're here to help! 

46 Second Video Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for Straight Talk Wireless




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