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3 Fast Hacks to Easily Transfer your Straight Talk Phone Contacts, Pictures, and email to your New Android Phone

Posted by Matthew Barnes on

So you are shopping for a new Straight Talk Phone and want to know how to transfer your contacts, pictures, email and apps. Great! because we've got 3 fast hacks to easily transfer all that data.

  1. Use your google account~ If you have a current google account, check your sync settings and be sure you're syncing contacts, emails, apps. (this should be done automatically). Then all you need to do is login to your google account on the new device and it will begin syncing all of your data to your new device.
  2. Use Samsung Smartswitch. Samsung Smartswitch is a SUPER easy way to copy almost everything on your old device to your new device. Just add the Smartswitch app to both devices. Click here to View it. then be sure the devices are in the same room (a couple of feet away works best). The app will then go to work and wirelessly transfer your data AUTOMATICALLY (PRETTY COOL).
  3. Use your new devices factory setup. Almost every recent device (android and iphone) offers a data migration tool during it's initial setup. To access the tool just factory reset the device you wish to move your data to (this will completely erase the device so be sure to backup your data). Then follow the prompts during the initial setup. The device will walk you through the steps to move your data and will, in most cases, complete the data automatically. (do be prepared to provide any usernames or passwords for the accounts you wish to transfer.

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