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3 Secrets to Giving them the Gift they Really Want; A Smartphone. Duh!

Posted by Chris Graber on

So you're thinking of taking the plunge. Finally, FINALLY! You'll be the Christmas hero. Think of the joy on their faces when you give them an iPhone, or wait, was it a Samsung Galaxy something or nother? Okay, perhaps you should read our three secrets to giving them a smartphone for Christmas. 

Secret 1 - Know if they prefer an iPhone or Android

Giving an iPhone or Android for ChristmasGenerally speaking, we recommend Samsung Galaxy devices for most of our customers. Mainly because they are cheaper and suit most users just fine. However, if they are new to smartphone usage or prefer Apple then by all means get them an iPhone! New users will be less intimidated by Apple's Straightforward layout. Plus it's nearly impossible to break the software on an iPhone (not the screen, that's pretty easy). Okay, the smartphone world today basically boils down to iPhone or Android (RIP Blackberry & Windows phone). So which one is better? It really boils down to user preference. If you are giving a smartphone to a teen, what do all their friends have? They probably won't be thrilled if you give them a Samsung Galaxy S6 and they can't iMessage their friends. 


Secret 2 - Consider the Size

Do they want or need a big screen or do they prefer a smaller phone that fits in their pocket? Smaller devices are easier to carry and tend not to break as easy as a larger screen phone (I'm talking to you parents). Bigger screens are easier to read and better for video and video games.

Secret 3 - Know your budget

So the last secret is probably the most important. If you are considering giving a smartphone for Christmas this year, know what you are willing and able to spend for a smartphone and consider the monthly costs (especially if you are footing the bill). If your budget is $200 and you want a big screen phone an iPhone will be out of your price range as the iPhone 6 plus is a pricier option. However, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a great option!

I hope these 3 secrets will help you give your teen, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, dog, etc. the smartphone they want for Christmas! Please do let us know if we can be of service. We're happy to help! You can leave a comment below or message us here.

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