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Losing Your Straight Talk Phone to the Dark Side? Here's 3 Fast tips to Make Your Straight Talk Smartphone's Battery Last Longer.

Posted by Chris Graber on

Making your Straight Talk phone's battery last longer can be be a tough. Here's 3 quick tips to help:

1. Turn off vibrations.Β 

If your phone is buzzing like an angry bee all day long, you are burning through some serious battery. Switch to a light (and pleasant audio tone). You could add up to 2 hours of battery life.

2. Limit Your Notifications

Every single app wants your attention and will continually send notifications. This uses both your cellular data (if you aren't on wifi) and drains your battery. To fix this start the app you don't want notifications from and go to settings, then uncheck the notifications box. You'll save your sanity, cellular data, and add 1-2 hours of battery life.

3. Delete Apps You Don't Use

Still hanging on to your Flappy Birds or Candy Crush? It's time to delete them! Leaving old apps on your device not only uses valuable storage, it causes your battery to drain faster. This is because almost every app checks for updates, notifications, and/or runs in the background (especially on Android). Deleting unused/unwanted apps is a great way to increase battery life. Removing apps (depending on how many) can easily add another hour (or more) of battery life to your device.

We hope you've found these 3 fast tips to make your Straight Talk smartphone's battery last longer helpful. Please contact us if you have questions! As always, we're here to help : )

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