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Refurbished Phones for Total Wireless Now Available!

Posted by Chris Graber on

Looking for an AWESOME Prepaid Device that has a Family Plan option? Look no further than Total Wireless!

Here are 5 Reasons to go with Total Wireless:

  1. No Contract. All plans are Prepaid so no overages either!
  2. Nationwide Verizon 4G LTE coverage!
  3. Prepaid Family Plans available. Plans start as low as $23.70/mo!
  4. You can add high-speed data if you run out.
  5. Large Data plans available at reasonable prices.

Total wireless also offers convenient auto-refill packages and they give a discount of 5% off if you decide to use auto-refill.

You can view our gently used devices for Total Wireless here:


Here's a peek at Total Wireless Plans as of September 2016:

Total Wireless Family Plans 2016


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