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3 Best Phones for Straight Talk Fall 2016

Posted by Chris Graber on

So you want the best phones for Straight Talk Fall 2016? Here's which ones we think are tops: 3. Straight Talk iPhone 6 Plus 2. Straight Talk Galaxy S6 1. Straight Talk Galaxy Note 4 See our full evaluation below.

The third best phone for Straight Talk is the iPhone 6 Plus



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The iPhone 6 plus for Straight Talk has a beautiful large high-resolution screen and is easy for anyone to use. IOS 10 provides a simplistic layout and because it's Apple the iphone 6 plus provides relatively worry-free operation. The camera also operates well in low-light conditions.

The second best phone for Straight Talk is the Straight Talk Galaxy S6

Straight Talk S6 Verizon Towers

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 for Straight Talk is, in our opinion, one of the best devices to ever run on Straight Talk. The 5.1 inch screen has AMAZING resolution and clarity. The device is beautifully made. The camera, at 16 megapixels, takes vivid high resolution images. The S6 itself is, overall, one of the most beautiful devices Samsung has made. Also, unlike the iPhone 6 Plus, the S6 has a small form that easily fits in your pocket (no need for new pants or shirts).

The best phone for Straight Talk is the Galaxy Note 4

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The Galaxy Note 4 for Straight Talk has an INCREDIBLE screen and let's face it, smartphones start and end with the screen. Also, the stylus truly sets this device apart. The Note 4 is the only device with a built-in stylus! (called the S-pen) With the stylus you can write directly on the screen. You can also take notes, or have it translate your hand writing in to typing. The Galaxy Note 4 also has built in voice recognition (you can tell it to open apps or ask what the weather is) and a 13 megapixel camera. The Straight Talk Note 4 is a great value and a terrific device!

I sincerely hope this list of the best phones for Straight Talk has been helpful to you! If you have questions or need assistance, Please leave a comment below or do drop us a line: CLICK HERE TO MESSAGE US



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