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The 3 Secrets to Porting Your Phone Number to Straight Talk Wireless

Posted by Chris Graber on

So you are thinking about porting your phone number to Straight Talk Wireless but you are worried about porting (transferring) your phone number? Here are 3 secrets to porting / transferring your phone number to Straight Talk:

  1. Have ALL of your account information and be sure it is CORRECT for your current carrier. Example: You are moving your number from AT&T to Straight Talk, be sure you have the correct address that is attached to your AT&T account. AT&T will try to verify this information before they release your phone number so giving an address that is not attached to your AT&T account can result in a delay in your phone number transfer.
  2. Have your account number for your current account and be sure it is correct. We would HIGHLY recommend contacting your current carrier and confirming your account number. Having an incorrect account number can result in delays to your number port and possibly a full loss of your phone number. 
  3. Contact you carrier and obtain your "PIN number for porting your phone number" to Straight Talk. This is one of the most important secrets to smooth and successful phone number transfer to Straight Talk. It is important to note, that the PIN for porting your phone number is different from your voicemail PIN and it's very likely that you don't have a clue what this PIN is. We would strongly suggest calling 611 from your current carrier's handset to obtain your PIN.

Moving your phone number to Straight Talk is easy and can save you hundreds of dollars a year and with these three secrets to porting your phone number should go smoothly. Most of our customers have been able to complete their transfers in just a couple hours. You can view all of our devices for Straight Talk: Click Here



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